Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Gimme a Break!

"Gimme a break" has been a popular phrase in American culture for more than two decades now. And the fact is that now more than ever, we need a break.

Often, our day does not go as we planned. Problems emerge and demand solutions. Questions arise and require answers. Conflicts erupt and we must settle them. Situations shift and we must adjust. New opportunities come our way and we find ourselves making tough decisions.......few days do as smoothly as we would like.

In the midst of the chaos we can take a momentary break. No matter how frantic the schedule or desperate the situation, we can turn to God's Word for strength and wisdom. There is simply no better break than one that pulls us away from trouble and draws us closer to the Answer, the Lord Jesus Christ.

He alone can give us the truth, courage to stick with our priorities and get back on track if we have erred, peace that passes our understanding, and perspective marked by faith, hope, and love. He alone can provide a powerful word for our hearts that speaks to whatever we are facing.

No one may "give" you a break today, but you can give yourself one. In the middle of your day, give yourself a Coffee Break With God!

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