Thursday, June 24, 2010

God's Authority

There is a constant war waging inside Christians....A war waging between good and evil. In Christians, the Holy Spirit of God seeks to direct us to be under the authority of our heavenly Father. Every person is under some sort of authority whether you like to acknowledge that or not. It is just true! If you are not under the authority of God, you are under the authority of Satan. We are to be Christ followers, correct? Doing what He did! Jesus lived under the authority of His heavenly Father. He made no independent decisions. He, unlike us, was sinless and always remained under His Father's authority. He acknowledged that the prince of this world has a hold on many, but did not have a hold on Jesus.

The prince of this world....that rat we call the devil, Lucifer or Satan has his hold on many in our world. Especially as Americans, we long for freedom. Freedom to make our own do what we want. It goes all the way back to the Garden of Eden when the decision was made to exercise a personal choice. And we know how much joy and freedom that has brought, huh?

Each day we must choose if we will be under the authority of the Father and the direction of the Holy Spirit. It is a choice each of us must make. It is a choice that actually leads to freedom, not bondage. Choosing to live under the authority of our heavenly Father frees us to gain the greatest fulfillment in life....It is the little decisions of daily life that reveal whether we truly live under His authority or not. What will you do with this decision in your life? It's a choice you will make. Please follow Jesus!

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