Monday, January 25, 2010

God still reigns!

Well, to all my fellow Minnesota Viking fans, I feel your pain. I really do. Last night when the game was over I sat in my chair and actually felt sad and maybe a bit depressed. Sounds kind of silly coming from someone who "should know better", huh? Well, I'm just being honest.

I remember being a Vikings fan since I was just a little boy. Year after year I'd repeat our famous quote..... "There's always next year!" Man, I got tired of saying that.

Finally, in 1998 when they lost the NFC championship game to the Atlanta Falcons in overtime, One game field goal away from a trip to Miami and a Superbowl, I decided that I was done. No more would I be such a fan to be let down that hard. Then this year, we acquired Brett Favre and I thought, "Come on, Milt....This is the year. This is the one." So, I got my purple clothes out again and I routed for my team....just like the good ole days. It appeared Brett was going to do it. We might actually make it to the big game again....and hopefully this time, we will be world champions.

Well, irony came knocking and last night we lost the NFC championship in overtime, one game field goal away from yet another trip to Miami for Superbowl 44. I was crushed. How could I have allowed myself to feel so much passion for a game in which all the players get paid way too much money and....well, really it has no eternal consequences, does it?

I say all that to say this: I am human. I got caught up in the moment... a chance for glory with the Minnesota Vikings....And once more, we did not get to taste that sweet victory. We were not victorious in the game, however Brett Favre is a champion. Whether he returns for another season or not, my hat is off to him. He did all anyone could have expected. He took 16 hard hits last night and he isn't exactly 21 and bullet proof anymore. Brett Favre is a champion...because he brought the Vikings to another NFC championship game? No. Because he broke almost every record possible as a quarterback? No. Because he took Green Bay to world championships? No...He is a champion because he made a split second decision. Not a decision to scramble or stay in the pocket but the decision to trust Jesus Christ with his future. He could walk across the field last night and congratulate the vicorious team with a big smile because he knows what really matters. He knows he has a home in glory and he knows whom he has believed in. One day he will tread the streets of gold and I'm guessing he will still be wearing a jersey that reads "4". And I'm pretty sure it will be purple.

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