Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Give us clean hands

As I sit here in my office this morning, I look outside and see the rain just pouring down. It is coming down in buckets......almost. Anyway, as I watch this rain coming down from the sky I envision God telling us we need a cleansing. I pleaded with God to examine my heart this morning and to reveal to me of anything that is in need of purification or washing. I began to pray for God to renew within me a pure heart....a clean heart. It made me think of this song, "Give us clean hands". Let us be a generation that truly seeks your face....Oh God of Jacob. So, let it rain. Purify my heart today, Lord. Wash me and make me clean. May this be your prayer this morning too.

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Good one Milt. Where did those 90 degree days go. Oh well, enjoy the cleansing rain, I wish we had some down here in NC the pollen is thick. Talk to you soon.