Thursday, December 4, 2008

It's all about Jesus

Good afternoon! I am not sure how many are following my journey in this blog or how many actually care but I find this a multi-purpose tool. It challenges me to study; it allows me to offer thoughts, teachings or maybe even inspirational words that will help people right here at Quarry Rock Church or clear across the world. It also serves as a good devotional time for me to read, reread and seek God in the meaning and value of what I have typed. Not that any of you are interested, but just in case, I will tell you. My favorite author is Max Lucado. I love his writing style, his clever illustrations, and the fact that he writes in short story form which is good for me as I am not a fast reader. But most importantly, Max writes about the heart of Jesus and after all, isn't that what it is all about? It's all about Jesus! I am going to start a little journey for a while talking about moments Jesus invested in us for our benefit. Max will help me with some of his clever words from time to time as I read through his many wonderful books.

Simple moments. Quiet moments. Moments missed by many, but created by God, forever punctuating the timeline of history. You can't open the gospels without reading about them. They are the greatest moments:
Mary watches her baby boy in a feed trough and ponders, "How can this really be God?"
The apostles stare at a lunch bucket of loaves and fish that never goes empty.
A leper sees new fingers appear where only nubs had been and runs back to thank his God.
God does what He would be doing only in your wildest dreams--wearing diapers, riding donkeys, washing feet, dozing in the midst of storms, and dying for your sins.

These are the greatest moments, when God put on humanity, not only to save us from our sins but to experience life as we do, with all its laughter and tears.......

What a God! What a Savior!

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